Saturday, July 29, 2017

short story slam week 72

short story slam week 72, july 20 to august 6, 2017 


Sometimes By Sheenagh Pugh

Sometimes things don't go, after all,
from Bad to worse. Some years, muscadel
faces down frost, green thrives, the crops don't fail,
sometimes, a man aims high, and all goes well.
A people sometimes will step back from war;
elect an
honest man, decide they care
enough, that they cannot leave some stranger poor.
Some men became what they were born for.
Sometimes our best efforts do not go
amiss, sometimes we do as we meant to.
The sun will sometimes melt a field of sorrow,
that seemed hard frozen: may it happen for you.

Monday, July 17, 2017

short story slam week 71,

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Faridch Samadzadch, princess Glencia

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Virginia Ann Dell, princess Monique

Image result for donna windell   donna windell, princess chenney

Image result for rebecca morris at ossm  maggie johnson, princess Jimenez

Image result for lorraine chan  prince  Nestor and princess Lindsay,

they have a small child, Robin Sabrina Wu, princess Riika