Sunday, June 11, 2017

short story slam week 70

short story slam week 70, Football players and fathers day cheers 




reading a piece of Ryan Clinton
we know the waters from Kittanning, Pennsylvania and their wings
a steck of dusty bowls in the sky
Mary Odalisque choose to set Atsuro Riley aside

Robert Lemmon, Norman Bridwell,
T. Reese Ward, C & K Distribution,
West Carroliton, Ohio,
Randy Blasing, John Tilson, Harlow Shapley, Tuskegee Oxyard

from Yu Bingyu and Yang Qun E,
we extend our views to Steven Gates, Adam Aziz, Phoebe Gates, Thea Dell,
the materials in the poetry include Susan Hunt, Teddy Roosevelt, Matilda Green-Thumb,
Scott Forte, Marah Watkins, Neosho Bentley, Leon Tolstoy Carver

heavy strokes
Nathan Yu and Ethan Wood would speak,
Connie Liu, Emily Wang, Jake Nelson, Dora Nelson, Caroline Cruz, wow,
all remain silent and true to Marilyn Nelson, Chloe Sladden, Christine Osekoski

lovely New Mexico city,
Austin Carr, Gerry Burdo, Asya Aljabri, William Harbin write,
they portray lots of Sue Parsons, Tonya Jones, and Jason Cox words,
remembering Yale, Del City, Mid-West city, Oklahoma City

forgive Joseph and Norman,
Patrick Chung and Sherry Hiscox can do well
Skylar Beryl and Sophia Bollag can understand
so do Jordan Harrison, Jena Good, Chao Deng, Larry Hogan, Ted Mann, Stu woo