Sunday, May 28, 2017

a flyer, good for you all

We promote poetry, story, and world peace,
Hopefully, you can find some useful links below, all work in terms of FREE blogs, FREE verse,
And Freedom of Expressions,  we are very grateful to law makers, police officers, computer
Scientists, silicon valley high tech such as yahoo, google, Alibaba, cisco, pixco, amazon, Microsoft,
Sony, canon camera, firefox,, begin to think of your after-dinner time today by starting a free
Blog on, and write a reflection of a haiku to lift up your own spirit, a description
Of a fruit, a cell-phone, or a personal, that could help your life and enable your daily mind better shaped
And well organized.

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

poetry picnic week 45, world peace year 6, and short story slam week 69

Image result for  winnie the pooh 

Image result for  winnie the pooh 

Image result for  winnie the pooh 
Image result for  winnie the pooh  
Image result for  winnie the pooh 
Image result for  winnie the pooh and bunny 

wise owl and detective bouncing tiger
cute piglet and baby roo
a donkey wines a lot
a river runs to the moon
things go wild
when your feet juggle the spoon
and your eyes outshine the sun

it is about things that are fun
it is about human such as Frank
it is about growing up like the divine
it is about making friends and feel grand
it is about emily poems
and shoemaker rhymes

it is about a piglet and her friends
who looks up to Christopher robin and who accepts
all children when they wave "hello"
reminding you
Yahoo, Bogue, Mayer, Dilo, Singer, Yaris, Minow, Blair, Stein, Gust, Brown,
it is about being respected by
Margarete,  Donald, Melania, Marielle, Slovenian, Valerie, Rexoanne, Eagle, and Cordova,
including Hans, Mariett, Clancy, Chapman, Bynum, Wilson, Page, Schmidt, Pichar, Brin, Wojin