Thursday, November 10, 2016

Short Story Slam week 56, Signs, Memory Art, and Mellow Yellow Greens


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Black & White Wednesday ~ Giving ~ Day 9 

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living carpet...

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Short Story Slam week 56, Signs, Memory Art,
CNN news, CBS news, Fox news,  and Mellow Yellow Greens

who attends Goddard school?
who enjoys Sufield middle school?

who recalls Northwestern and Yale?
Who applies UPenn and Cornell?

who votes for Ripley Elementary school board?
who votes for Silicon Valley high school music club?

Beta club,  Robotic Club of Stillwater is fine,
Booster music club, Youth and Government club, they share

When Wendy James and Jennifer Stone love department of mathematics,
Barbara Boyd, Whydham Copley, Huarong Qu, Ying Deng, Yu Wang, and Ramjee Sharma smile

if Teddy and Matthew have never been super diligent,
D. P., Netral, Kenneth, Kuzuo, Uma, Uwe, Rachel, Kyla, Dale, Alan, Ben, H. E. Bible won't notice

big pool produces big waves
small pond involves Wavely Wang, Chris Wang, Coonie Liu, Albert Cai, and Tom Wu

if Abbey Wood, Tyler Powell, Ashley Taylor and Lilya McCoy continue doing math,
then Donald Trump, John Trump, Thomas Trump, Boone Trump, Karen Pence feel interested

a win for Donald is key,
a brother Bill Clinton, a daughter Amelia Huchin, a friend Asa Hutchinson, they woo Arkansas

thanks to Vicker Hendrickson, Gerald Clancy, Steve Upham, John Dewey,
thanks to Gina Noble, James Lankford, Brad Henry, Melissa Griffin, and Jesse Byrne...

we do continue our votes for Michelle Obama, Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump
we celebrate presidency of Donald Trump from 2016 to 2020..perid

maybe Larry Lucas and Lawrence page frown
but Sam Brownback, Mary Fallin, and Rick Perry shall not feel upset

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