Sunday, September 4, 2016

short story slam week 52, reading about Jennifer Whiteson and her unique wisdom

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Image result for university of florida cheerleaders 
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Jennifer Whiteson grows up in Sudan, a nation she never expects to live,
despite her ambition and intelligence,  many people admore her as a small
woman who wears big hat, and carries huge kindness

when Jen begins her middle school, her parents immigrated her and her siblings
to  Florida, Gainsville, and she loves the fair weather there, and thrive very well
in her schooling, Thanks to her loving parents and beautiful sister, including two brothers'

after her older brothers Jorge, and Karl went to colleges, one in University of Texas,
another in Georgia Technology institute, she has more confidence, and her younger sister
Grace always falls silent when Jen gets frustrated, but anyway, life is good for the Whiteson

At the age of 17, she transfers to Maine state, while her father becomes a mayor
to city Augusta, ME, and how good she feels then about her high school years
at Augusta, that is her private manner, she does admits that she is passionate about
a Canadian boy she meets,  a few Vietnam ladies who works for gorvernment

Her mother, Catherine, and father, William, are very relaxing people, they are very friendly
to groups of cultures, they often invite people over for dinner.

so, Jen made it to University of Florida when she was 18, and made significant grades during her four year college, and was named outstanding woman of UF by Abby Huiwood, the school provost

to our surpirse, Jen has many mary popping after ten years, in 2020,
Jen happily married her high school sweet heart, his name is Frank Henryetta

when her sister Grace Whiteson marries Scott Johnson, Jen smiles,
positively has her oldest daughter Katrina as flower girl, and she loves
her twins,  Brittney (a girl) and Alfred (a son),

Image result for amelia wilson and three children  Jennifer Whiteson, and her three children

Katrina Henryetta, Brittney Henryetta, and Alfredrick Henryetta
Image result for amelia wilson and three children  Grace Whiteson and Scott Johnson, their small lords

Julie Johnson and Edward Johnson

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