Saturday, August 20, 2016

short story slam week 51,

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it is Friday, the day seems gray with cloudy expectations,
Kayla and Prague sit, drinking some lemon made

a mower pulls its trailer up,
begin to mow a large lawn near a lake

Stevenson and Samurfz refuse to cheer up
due to some confused comments by their grandparents,

Tomas and Benjiamin drive more than one hundred miles
to visit Janet Tonkawa, and Renfro Bell give them a lift by saying, how cool

Vineyard and Kinzie are neighbors, they promote music arts
and creative publishing, Joe and Jill can not wait to be part of Library science

Information technology and library science,
these topics do attract Africa lords, and some Canada girls

Lynia program is profound at Edmond Low and Mary Williams collection,
Aggie Wilson and Stephannie Bice invite Kim David and Ruth Sharp for tea party

Saturday morning hits,
the sky is vague with its rain check to a bright lord Henryetta and Sheegy