Wednesday, June 22, 2016

short story slam week 46, a glance toward quartz mountain summer arts program

the music, the poetry, the dance,
they all appear modern, refreshing
thanks to julie, shana, anne, and emily

parents sit, from elk city, from altus,
they shop, they visit, they dream, and they drive,
jennifer hilger and anne peters add light

meals cooked,
miles walked, mail sent,
laughter made via cohen, claude, joseph, and constantin

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Image result for 2016 quartz mountain orchestra 

Image result for 2016 quartz mountain orchestra 
Image result for 2016 quartz mountain orchestra 

Image result for 2016 quartz mountain orchestra 
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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

short story slam week 46, escape, the match maker of alex zhu and polly guan

some folks are interested in relation, family, and marriage,
while others are interested in poetry, free verse, or short story

this story begins with the legacy of Bill Clinton, Barack Obama,  and George Bush, including some abstract faculty
such as Thomas Hou, Peter Constantin, Jerry Bona, A. B. Thomas, and Quan Sun

so, Jiahong Wu ( 秦始皇), born on January 27, 210, former name Alex Zhu, relevant to
Rongji Zhu, growing up at orphanage near Lan Zhou, Gansu province, in 234, Alex was adopted by
Jerry Constantin, and attending MIT at Boston, MA, obtaining a phd degree in Physics, and they
honor him as Jiahong Wu--Alex Zhu--Bradford Northwestern...

Ji Yan ( 陈世美), born on September 27, 215, former name Polly Guan, relevant to Mucun Guan, growing up at Changchun, Jilin, in 245, Polly was adopted by Peggy Robinson, and attending
Brown University, obtaining Masters degree in Architecture, and a phd in Secondary Mathematics education, and she was famed favorably as Jingle Yan--Polly Guan---Kimberly Middle East

when Jiahong and Ji were 25, they get married at Washington D. C., and under the rule of Indian
leader of Crow Indians, they reside near Tennessee river, and often walk around Ohio bridge
near Kentucky state, and their first child was born at Seattle, WA, on November 13, 237, and their second and third child come after, on December 28, 241, and April 5, 247

three children

升平公主  Sheng Wu, or William Chuang, adopted by Steve Perry, and current named as Billy Princeton
 卫长公主, Tom Lee Wu, Gregory Zhong, adopted by David Fallin, and now as Chris Walker,

安乐公主, Abbey Willow Wu, Josephine Chan, adopted by Karl Marx, and now as Martha Quinnlan,

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nobody can predict a child's future, we certainly could not decline that, after almost 2000 years,
Jiahong wu and Ji Yan, and their three daughters have extended their hope and experience via
more than 100 generations, and almost everyone is their distant relatives, and say, we see today:
Markenzie Webster, JoAnn Wilson, Hannah Woodrow, Zoehs Dunham, Baylee Swift, Laynie Henry, Tara Robinson, Wavely Page, Grace Welch, Olive Wells, Sofina Johnson, Venetian Nepal, Wes Philippine,  Julie Sharp, and Pamela Boomer, ...they match up as the close offspring
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