Friday, May 27, 2016

Monday Mellow Yellows, sweet and gentle

a mirror...


Image result for a mirror in yellowwood state forest   

Image result for a mirror in yellowwood state forest 

a mirror, a ball of glass
the reflection echoes my inner thought

she, the home and the world,
a mouse is timid when it roams the street

red, yellow, and golden leaves
the hot juice gets frosty look unless it cools upon morning dew

Saturday, May 14, 2016

2017 OMEA All-State Orchestra

Chair for the 2017 OMEA All-State Orchestra is Sarah Chan (Directory)


 636 Bacone St
Muskogee, Ok 74403

Orchestra auditions will be held on (TBA) at Westmoore High School.  In case of inclement weather, the auditions will be held on (TBA) at Westmoore High School.  Should the alternate date be used, all students must audition on that date.  No alternate arrangements will be allowed.
All-OMEA Audition Application Deadlines:
            September TBA, 2016 ($15.00)
            September TBA, 2016 (triple fee, $45)
            September TBA, 2016 (emergency entry fee, $100)
Applications are available at the OMEA website,
AUDITION MATERIAL: The string audition material will contain a scale, an etude, orchestral excerpts, and sight-reading.
Scale: Prepare all major scales, memorized, 3 octaves, slur two quarter notes (quarter note = 90) in the following format: each note is played once ascending and once descending with the top note not repeated. See example below. Note: Double Bass will play only two–octave scales. The use or nonuse of vibrato on the scale will not add or subtract points.
Violin, Viola, Cello:  ascending:  CDEFGABCDEFGABCDEFGABC
                                   descending: BAGFEDCBAGFEDCBAGFEDC
Bass:                                   ascending:  CDEFGABCDEFGABC
                                   descending: BAGFEDCBAGFEDC

ETUDE: Prepare the etude listed below for your instrument.
Violin: 42 Studies or Caprices, by Kreutzer, Schirmer edition, (Singer), #30 pp. 48-49, moderato, quarter note = 108.  Fingerings marked are required.
Viola: 41 Caprices, Opus 22, by Campagnoli, Peters Edition, #24, pp. 28-29.
ALLEGRO sections, quarter note = 80 Adagio sections, quarter note=55. In double-stop sections, play the top note only. Fingerings marked are required.
Cello: 170 Foundation Studies, Volume 2, by Schroeder, Carl Fischer edition (02470), #129, pp. 88-89, quarter note = 124. Fingerings marked are required.
Double Bass: 57 Studies in Two Volumes for String Bass, Volume 1, by Storch-Hrabe, edited by Zimmerman, (International, 1034), #14, pp. 13-14, quarter note = 100; Fingerings marked are required.
EXCERPTS: We will distribute audition excerpts from the OMEA All-State music to directors at the OMEA Fall In–Service Conference in October. Excerpts will be mailed on the following Monday to all directors not attending this meeting.
SIGHT–READING: Sight–reading is required at the audition. Each student will be given a thirty–second study period, during which they may shadow–bow or finger their instruments, but may not make any noise. Points may be deducted, or the student may be disqualified for excessive finger–tapping.
SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: The student must follow the scale pattern indicated above. In addition, the student must follow the printed fingerings and bowings indicated in the specific edition of the etude(s). If the student uses an alternate scale pattern, etude fingering, or bowing during the audition, the judges will deduct points.
Students DO NOT need to purchase original parts for excerpts.  Students DO need an original etude book at the audition, but they may play off of the distributed copies of excerpts
Directors:  Please note that all directors who have students participating in the auditions are required to be at the audition and to be available to assist judges, monitors, or in other capacities as needed.  If you know of any string specialists new to our state that would be willing to help with the auditions, please email Sarah Chan sjchanllc@gmailcom