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short story slam week 43, poetry rally week 83, nutrition and competion in technology, that makes you fit and feel great

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short story slam week 43, poetry rally week 83, nutrition
and competition in technology, that makes you fit and feel great

This is about Washington University engineering,
Top ten among us nation

Julia, Ananya, Zhaoyi, Deko, Nick, Saron, James, Alex, Abbey, Ari, Thomas,
Anna, Robert, Arnold, Mark, Laszlo, Benji, Meet, Wavely, Chris, Willa, Tom

Secure Cyberspace,
Patrick Crowley for Observable Networks, a wow from Sheng and Amelia

Larry Page, Sundar Pichai, Eric Schmidt, Jeff Bezos, Bob Young, they opt for search enginees

Engineer better medicines
Shelly Sakiyama-Elbert, a sweet angel and a solid insert on Biomedical Engineering

Daniel Giammar,
the power for quality water and control of corrosion of lead pipes

Lan Yang,
professor of electrical engineering, award winning scientist from Arts an Science of WashU

Chris Sims and David Karandish,
Answers intern for 2015, warming up with Jack Dorsey at Twitter co-founder side

Andrew Brimer and Abigail Cohen,
winners of discovery competition, co-founders of Sparo Labs

Philip Bayly,
working as reverse-engineer and meeting tough challenges via his Brain-cell projects

when it comes to advanced personalized learning,
we think of Caitlin Kelleher, that is for educational psychology and political science

Virtual reality and Forest Park research,
Yasutaka Furukawa is on his way to project better environmental science,

Tom Wu, Amelia Wilson, Chris Wang, Nick Murphy, James Wrighton, Alex Zhu,
budding expert to modern photography, cello strings, and computer screen setups

Monday, April 4, 2016

Robert O. Peterson


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Robert Oscar Peterson
Born March 13, 1916
San Diego, California
Died April 18, 1994 (aged 78)
San Diego, California
Nationality American
Known for Founder of Jack in the Box restaurant chain
Spouse(s) Former San Diego Mayor Maureen O'Connor
Robert Oscar Peterson (March 13, 1916 – April 18, 1994) was an American businessman and philanthropist. As the founder of the Jack in the Box restaurant chain, he popularized the drive-through fast food restaurant concept. He is credited with being the first to pair the drive-through window with an intercom system for greater efficiency.[1]

Personal life

He was a native San Diegan and graduated from Hoover High School in 1933. He attended San Diego State College and graduated from UCLA with a degree in economics.[2] He was a naval intelligence officer during World War II.[3] He was married four times, notably (in 1977) to Maureen O'Connor, who went on to become the first female mayor of San Diego from 1985 to 1992; this was his only marriage not to end in divorce.[4] The former mayor was at his side when he died in 1994.[4] He had four children by his previous marriage to Lorraine Bhalla, none of whom went into the restaurant business.[2]

Restaurant career

Peterson entered the restaurant business in 1941 with a drive-in diner called "Topsy's" (later renamed "Oscar's"), located at 6270 El Cajon Boulevard in San Diego. This was a classic drive-in where food was served by carhops to patrons in the parking lot. Over the next decade his company, the San Diego Commissary Company, operated several Topsy's and Oscar's restaurants throughout San Diego, including a flagship Oscar's at Midway Drive and Rosecrans Street in the Midway area. In 1951, he converted the Oscar's on El Cajon Boulevard into the first Jack in the Box,[5] a drive-through with the innovation of a two-way intercom that allowed one car to place an order while another car was being served. Other restaurants had previously offered drive-up window service, but Jack in the Box was the first major chain to make drive-through windows the focus of its operation.[6] Since the concept was unfamiliar to most customers, the speaker (topped with the trademark clown) had a sign that announced "Pull forward, Jack will speak to you!"
Entrance to Peterson's home in Point Loma
The Jack in the Box restaurant was conceived as a "modern food machine" and was designed by La Jolla master architect Russell Forester, who also designed Peterson’s landmark home in Point Loma in 1965.[7]
Peterson built the chain to over 300 locations. He renamed his company Foodmaker in 1960 and sold it in 1967 to Ralston-Purina. By that time, the "drive-thru" concept had become an industry standard.[4]

Later life

He spent the final 30 years of his life in philanthropy and civic improvement. He was a consistent patron of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, sponsoring research for many years, and donating the 96-foot diesel yacht Dolphin to the institution in 1973.[8] Peterson Hall at the University of California, San Diego is named after him.[9]
In 1984, he was diagnosed with leukemia. He battled the disease for the next 10 years until his death in 1994 at the age of 78.[4]

poetry rally week 83, inquiry on aspects of nutrition, all fitting, no side effects

A Fabulous Inquiry On Nutrition, Fitbit Melody, and Free Verse At Hyde Park Poetry Palace Via Thursday Poets Rally (Week 83), apr 1-may 2, 2016

Todd, Cindy, Sarah, and John used to be hot
Hot like a cooking pot

Today, we only recall that romantic part
and remain conservative on poetry art

Android, google robot
a green soul for all to know

Mao and Nixon,
the historical moment in 1972, in the month of February

Freshens smoothies and yogurt,
a stop at Penn Square mall food court

scanning our footsteps,
we wonder, who is the German making Micro's pizza?

right next to Kurt shack, Wooden Nickle, and Jimmy Johns,
we see freshly baked cookies from Insomnia, Rebeka, Paul, Chad, Shelly,

who makes the freshed sandwiches?
one of those must fall on Subway, Peter Buck, Fred Deluca,

who sends Eskimo Joe's customer to Texas?
It is Stan Clark, Chris Clark, Ken Hansen, Theresa Burke, Patricia Young

today, I may shift my gears to Qdoba Mexican Eats,
the Queso Burrito Steak, by Gary Beisler, Anthony Miller and Robert Hauser

Jack in the Box,
the most interesting friendly dining serve by Robert Oscar Peterson, Leonard A. Comma

my hands have gotten raw
my wish to stay peaceful is good from Lowe's,  see you next time...