Thursday, February 11, 2016

short story slam week 38: dreams beyond sea level

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who is Megan Barry,
who backs up Betty Henneberg?

who is Bill Haslam?
who promotes Cheryl Haslam?

who smiles from Nashville?
who resides at Memphis?

who writes well as Pearls Buck?
who publishes poetry via Venetian  Peng?

who is a friend to Stefan Schostok?
who agrees with Frank Wang and Eric wood?

who marries Bruce Barry?
who is fresh to Gail Gentes and Karin Peyre?

who decides to accept Thomas Washington?
who settles in New Jersey, with Sarah Constantin?

I don't know,
I let your thoughts afloat, dreaming above the sheep, ram, ox, rooster, horse, or goat

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