Friday, February 12, 2016

people with whom we can not forget, but may not connect

a story is told
due to the information we withhold

Alyssa McCloud invites
some Seton Hall University experience,  thanks

Susan Thuman intends for thomas national society of high school scholars,
a membership may go retired unless Shambrekia N. Wise forgive ants from Mars

many beautiful peole speak,
I hear Kristen Faukner, Jacqueline J., Sarah Cronk, Eric Thiel, Will Houghteling,

Clinton A. Carter enjoys Boston University and Harvard University,
Amador Valley High School highlights Thomas Drescher, Nimarta Grewal,

Suzanne Smith, Michael Williams, Martha Acebedo, Winter Jones join the team,
we never regret that Lawrence Romo shall quit

I hear Megan Barry speak of comprehensive communication,
I understand that Christopher Ferguson brightens Drexel University

Hotel Lather,
Blue Hominy, all stand good

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