Saturday, January 2, 2016

Friday My Town Shoot Out, Signs of potential Promotion

Gong Xiao was born in Yuekou,
With mama and dad both diligent,
one is Qiong Yao fan,
another is Fei Chiang singer follower,
despite lots of disagreement between central government
and billions of farmers,
Gong Xiao and his parents have fun
visiting Liyuan opera house, 
shopping at Shayang city market is always fun,
Gong Xiao's aunt is an owner of some casino business,
thus they often are invited to visit Las Vegas,
New York City, and Xi'An historical museums,
when Hillary Clinton and Bill William Clinton
visit Jiang Zemin in Peking,
Gong Xiao reads the news 
from Wuhan Daily, and feels
very excited, and encouraged,
After Gong Xiao attends Shanghai Fudan University,
he becomes a promising young scholar,
childhood memory remains innocent,
passionate, and inspiring,
Today, Gong Xiao is a member of Cicinati technology,
carrying lots of expertise from  fellow counterparts,
including Sands, Jimei, Iowa, Star, Venetian, Wyandotte, and Indigo

although a duckling is small,
with encouragement and firm love,
a swan is made,
that's what we learn from Gong Xiao,
Amin Mao, Wei Wei, Yu Ching Fei, Weiwen Yan, Zheng Tian...

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