Friday, June 12, 2015

peace talk

a fish is not selfish,
a man is not a woman,
a male is not a female,
a carfish is not a cat.
just like that,
a person can think of things
and actually arrange those,
which is not a case of justice.
so many people join in,
add light, not giving in,
people agree to go under cover,
but not after they are well rested and wake up.
peaceful talk fails
when there is no secondary opinions,
which is a contradiction
to those who claim to serve, add, and differ.

experience Princeton Via Janet Lavin Rapelye

To learn,
To grow,
To connect,
To Lead,
To make your point visual,
Study about Princeton University.
Say, on Liberal arts education,
Woodrow Wilson, Christopher Eisgruber, Arna Ionescu, Dan-el Padilla Peralta,
Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, Sophie Kallinis LaMontagne, Rachel Parks,
Kathleen Appleton, Stephan Wilson, Peter Constantin, Paul Yang, Sarah Constantin,
wow, there stand out diverse and as benign elements on global health.
when it comes to computer science,
we realize that, Sarah Cuneo, Vincent Poor, Avneesh Sarwate, Jeffrey Snyder,
Wallance Best, Brittany Hardy, Mary Kathleen Schulman, Michaela Karis,
Thomas Levin, Patrick Caddeau, Evan Saitta, Sergey Wojcicki, Bejin Brin,
many of them enjoy Academic Freedom
and civic engineering research.
we could not feel the energy in us
if we ignore notables and voices from our inner core:
John Edward, Jerry Brown, Steve Wood, Deborah Prentice, Alice Walker,
Amy Tan, Larence Yep, Cecilia Rouse, Eddie Glaude, Mung Chiang,
Boonie Bassler, Lyman Page, Jill Dolan, Michael Oppenheimer,
Uwe Reinhardt, Tracy Smith, Christopher Sims, Nicole Shelton,
Stephen Miller, Bernice Nicole Baird, Marla Bush, Dee Luo, William Squiers,
Caleb Bradford, Chuck Robbins, Justin Perez, Divya Farias,
Tiana Wollridge, Adriana Cherskov, Dixon Li, and Julie Browning.