Sunday, April 26, 2015

a shamrock farm traffic jam

Johnson baby lotion,
Reach gentle dentle floss,
Nutri-power brings pantenne shampoo solution,
here comes April shower,
Here sits Jerry Hu and Lily Fowler,
Here pops up Lucy Nguyen's ruch hour,
Digital cameras of Sumsung and Canon,
Deleting Sam Sitcom's bathroom break,
A shamrock farm milk traffic jam.
Molly and Julie carry lots of wits,
Richard and Sofina eat lots of fat and nuts,
Todd and Mary pass lots of Montecello exams.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


i disagree that,
it's not on a class roll,
it's not on a shopping list,
it's not on an orchestra stage,
it's not on a basketball court.
i believe that,
stars are manmade,
stars are famous,
stars are sun-burnt,
stars are photo-cious.
before April Fool,
let's star some youth from OK High School:

Mo Jerry,
Ashlee Barr,
Xinxi Wong,
Sheyanne Kneedy,
Dylan Han,
Sierra Gradick,
Matt Adkins,
Levi Dobrinski,
Jeff Ketch,
Kristen Veit,
Paxton Shorow,
Anya Siebert,
Lucinda Page,
Carl Victor Page,
Jian Cao,
Natalie Wise

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Green Squash Rain

either shaped like cucumber,
or festivaled as pumpkin-ter,
green squash has green skin,
and melon meat in return.
regardless what people call,
zucchini, seeme badanekaye,
nangua, hulou, ortolana di faenza,
spaghetti squash, young culprits,
they all greet us with uniqueness.
squash vegetables,
squash seasonables...
Green-striped cushaw, gourd, gddenball,
fairytale, gooseneck squash, gold nugget squash...
what squash crash
in such a unstoppable flash