Tuesday, December 9, 2014

X Scrable Words

x is an unknown variable,
X scrable words always contain Letter X,
of course: Apex, Ilex, Axe, Fix, Six, Mix, Jinx,
Ox, Fox, Pox, Vox, Max, Cox, Box, Gox,
Fax, Sex, Pax, Lax, Wax, Tax, Ax, Haox, Coax,
Roux, Borax, Relax, Text, Zaxes, Axiom...

when a boxer swings his fists too hard,
It's climax,
when a couple enjoys sex too much,
It's lurex,
when a person works too hard at Jobs,
It's acholax,
when a day goes too dry,
It's dramatix

X has fun when Y comes along,
X is mean when Z stays in,
X is weak when A takes a break,
X is apt when B is adopted,
X is harmful when D is mindless,
X is complete when C expels those who cheat.



  1. Happy Day.


    the perfect poet award for week 80, please enjoy and have fun for next poets rally.