Saturday, December 27, 2014

San Diego and Skiatook Haiku

ChristmasPoetic Forms : HAIKU (Week 7)

 haiku my heart

Near Skiatook Lake
Osage casino hotel opens
Gas, Bar, and Swimming pool 


At San Diego, CA
Trade show and MarketPlace unfold
Ernie Stevens joins Ben Campbell

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

X Scrable Words

x is an unknown variable,
X scrable words always contain Letter X,
of course: Apex, Ilex, Axe, Fix, Six, Mix, Jinx,
Ox, Fox, Pox, Vox, Max, Cox, Box, Gox,
Fax, Sex, Pax, Lax, Wax, Tax, Ax, Haox, Coax,
Roux, Borax, Relax, Text, Zaxes, Axiom...

when a boxer swings his fists too hard,
It's climax,
when a couple enjoys sex too much,
It's lurex,
when a person works too hard at Jobs,
It's acholax,
when a day goes too dry,
It's dramatix

X has fun when Y comes along,
X is mean when Z stays in,
X is weak when A takes a break,
X is apt when B is adopted,
X is harmful when D is mindless,
X is complete when C expels those who cheat.