Tuesday, October 7, 2014

7 Is a Lucky Number


Seven rhymes with Heaven, even, and Eleven,
Disagree? go ask someone named Steven!
Ten is perfect of everything,
Ten minus Seven is three,
This is basic arithmetic, agree?
Seven is glittering and lucky,
Three is smoky and fluffy,
Here is goes: one comes first,
two is a guest, three is clouds
that halt daydreams or produce rains,
Four is for a happy family acting wholesome,
Five means Olympic rings that's Brightsome (British-some),
Numbers differ, each a star in limitless sky,
Seven times luck, making friends encouraged to cry,
In poetry, in mind,
In July, in wind,
In snowstorms, in spring,
and in something new (xin),
I go from Sundays to Mondays,
Fireworks and superb shows entertain my sunny days,
Seven days a week, I feel the breeze,
Seven makes one feel great, that's a bliss.