Sunday, May 18, 2014

Distant Call by Palas Kumar Ray.All rights reserved

 In a distant call more and more you wish to know
about more and more people closed in a frame old
of forgotten time and place where we together lived.

My replies as if instead reaching to your ears
come back to hit my mind soon loudly resonating.

Now I hear you speak less about certainty of changes
occurring in life as I visualize those days rushing
right before my eyes for a moment flashing alive.

Politely narrating my limitations and constraints as if
I am trying to convince not you but my own inner self
that I am the last person to be blamed for the breach
realizing my words constantly pinning my conscience.

Instantly I visualize numerous rifts in the relation plane
which I could easily refill with little efforts in time.

Trying to fill those gaps with clever words now I feel
There are more cracks in my heart filled with sadness.

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