Monday, April 21, 2014

Majority Domestic Products at USA (Personal Choices)

The sky is blue,
The apple is green,
The orange is sweet,
The lettuce salad is fit.

I eat Raisin Bran cereal for breakfast at times,
I watch Jackie Chan movie and Italian movie too,
I choose fresh pork ribs, bamboo roots, and dried wuxiang tofu for dinner...

life is easier 
when I rain praises on both sun and moon, both light and shadow,
and I do walk around to adsorb fresh air to revive my energy. 

please respect me for my option of daily products:

Subway, KFC chicken, Jiffy Lube, Dunkin Donuts, Maxwell coffee, Lego Land, Six Flags,
Panasonic, Sony, Joey's Pizza, Sanyo, Sumsung, BankFirst, Sager PC, Dell, Toshiba, HP,
Canon camera, Barns & Noble, Image running machine, Shell gas, Tom Tom Coffee shop,
Starbucks, Aspen Coffee, Frank Pepe pizza, Sonic, Kodak, Fuji, Gala apples, Wendys, Morton Salt,
Peter Coffee, Charlie's chicken, Chicken Fil-A, T-Mobile, Hallmark stationary, Jack-in-the-Box,

Fox news, CNN, NBC, ABC tv, Lady American Mattress, Papa John, Arby's, McDonald, Dominos,
Long John Silver, Mazio's, Staples, Walmart, Aldi Food Market, Locke's, Lowe, Hometown food,
Westlake Hardware, Honda, Ford, Buick, Chevrolet cars, Wilson truck, Hastings, Jan Frank,
Mazada, Toyota,, Tonka toys, Mr. G's food, Phillip66, Famous Footwear, Kum & Go, Lora,
Jo-Ann, Mobile gas, Exon, Sunoco, Lexus, Jeep, Noha Wylie, Burger king, Braums, Petco,

Murphy USA, Ozarka, Cici's Pizza, Pizza Hut, Bay West, Casinos, H. E. B., Ihop, rocketmail,
ymail by yahoo, Apple Bee, FeDex, Firestone, Love Gas, Convenient J gas station, Barclay,
Citi, Pantene shampoo, Colgate total tooth paste, Chase credit card, Google mail, hotmail,
Baidu, Youtube, Pepsi, Coca Cola, Dr. Pepper, 7-up, Sprit, Mountain Dew, Master Credit card,
Visa, Passport, Post office, UPS, Walgreen, CVS, Young Democrats,  Mr. Pho's, Grand House,

Grand Village, Jackson Academy, William Food, Lido,, Willow Kleenex, Yams,
T. J. Max, Shepherd Mall, Dillard, Lanchou La Mian, JcPenny, Old Navy, Jimmy Johns, Dodge, Lay's chip, Yamaha, Juicy Gum, Hobby Lobby, Edinburg Zoo, Maytag, Conoco, Stillwater Public Library, Boomer Lake, Lake Michigan, Hyde Park, Lake Carl Black, Safeguard, dial, Dove, Dollar Tree, Family dollar, Mathews-brothers, wordpress, AAron Furniture, Mozilla,,

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lychee As Lizzy

Best eaten fresh and raw,
Lychee is a rare
but super healing fruit to us all.

Hometown  to province Guangdong and Fujian,
A proud member to soapberry family,
Lychee dominates Queen Elizabeth's menu for its unique quality.

Pink, sharp and hard shell,
Delicate meat with floral and fragrant smell,
Lychee fruit is one mighty factor to keep us merry and well.