Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Minute Moments



lovable days,
heart-warming touches,
promising hopes,
Fresh southern peaches,
Unforgettable splays,
smiling dishes,
Classical movies,
mutual understood wishes,
Under moonlight, we dance the minuet,
Unintentionally, we have love revealed.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I was feeling peculiar...by Jenny Matlock

...perhaps it was surviving the geothermal mineral baths...
Perhaps it was just my crazy imagination...
Whatever the reason...
I'm pretty sure.
Or at least kinda/sorta sure...
...there were ghosts at the lodge we stayed at on Friday night.
I didn't feel the ghosts when we were driving to the lodge and stopping to peer in windows of old buildings.

I didn't feel the ghosts when we saw deer and antelope (at play) on our route...
or when we were driving up the miles long driveway...

...or when we checked into our lovely room...
...or when we explored the grounds and found these ruins...

...but when I was laying in bed and reading the literature on the property I began to feel some ghostly ... ummm... ghosts.
The lodge was converted in 1928 to a home for seven unruly "mentally peculiar" children.
Don't get irritated at me for the possibly politically incorrect language.
That's what the literature said.
Click here to see for yourself.
And although the lodge was later converted to fancier things and eventually donated to the Nature Conservancy...
I'm certain there was a ghost or two around the night we slept there.
And even though we had an amazing breakfast with a beautiful view...
I was happy to skedaddle out of there on Saturday.
I wasn't homesick or anything.
It was really, truly the ghosts making me want to go home.
"Go home...go home..." they whispered to me.
We did.
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Friday, July 5, 2013

Deep-Sea Squeeze by Eric Ode

I’m wrapped from top to bottom
in an octopus embrace
with seven arms around my waist
and one across my face.

It all began this morning
with a scuba diving trip.
I found the creature wedged beneath
a sunken pirate ship.

So, carefully, I dug him free.
He offered no objection
but covered me in tentacles
with octopus affection.

It seems I’ve made a friend today,
but this I’d like to know:
How do you say, in octopus,
“You’re welcome. Please let go”?