Saturday, January 19, 2013

Purple Cats and Math Professionals

Professor Jaco and Dr. Wright...from OSU News in December, 2012

I never thought cats can be purple
and never hoped to see none,
until one day I was invited to meet these people
and I'm positive purple cats are super divine.
Furthermore, some sweet potatoes whistle
while red juicy tomatoes join for fun,
Oh, my lord, cat-head students are doing tango,
Families, friends, and kittens become
the community as one., osu math department faculty pictures, some of these professors I know and still respect, including Dr. Wu, Dr. Myers, Dr. Noel, Dr. Francisco, Dr. Mantini, Dr. Rag., Dr. Wang...the two on top win an honor from AMS, keep it up. Thanks for allowing me including these images...if I overlook you, sorry and please forgive, space is limited....

Thursday, January 10, 2013

I'm Total

I offer you a present, won't switch it by force,
Can't change it under any conviction at all.
That sets me apart from lies,
That moves me toward facts and results.
I declare that I mean better than what you take,
"I'm NOT the one making decisions." "Just passing the words."
Well, pay attention to trucks in highways,
Finch on electric wires, emotions of trees.
I'm an experiment and the control bothly,
You'll never get an end out of me.
I'm total I'm whole I'm in this fruitcake,
If I say what's true, you shall take it.
Like fingers of a hand, we act at one
and work toward the moments of unity and divinity.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Poetry As Translation

It is
so much
a puzzle-
or just
a wonder-
The shape of
is like a
pen handle.
the skin
of some werid animal
laid out
on the wall
reminds everyone
the map of
the United states,
a woman
doing tango
is turning left,
or right?
Does her
body look
like a stand up
Her feet
like horse shoe?