Thursday, November 8, 2012

Once Again By Liz Sohappy Bahe

Let go of the present and death,
Go to the place nearest the stars,
Gather twigs, logs;
Build a small fire;
A huge angry fire.
Gather nature's skin;
Wet it, stretch it,
Make a hard drum;
fill it with water
to muffle sound.
Gather dry leaves, herbs;
Feed the fire.
let the smoke rise
with the roundness of the sun.
Moist your lips, loosen your tongue,
Let the chant echo
from desert, valley, and peak
whereever home is
Remember the smoke,
the chants, the drums,
the stick grandfather held.
as he spoke in the dark
of his father's power.
Gather your memories
into a basket, into a pot;
into your cornhusk bag,
your grandfather sings for us
beyond the dry rustling cornstalks.

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