Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Type of Cars We Drive, Automatic Gearbox or Mannual Gearbox!!!

When you learn how to drive,
you will encounter two types of engine operations,
one is manual gearbox or standard transmission,
which has 4 or 5 speed gears to choose from,
another type is automatic gearbox or automatic transmission,
which allows the driver to drive and adjust speed
automatically, it's a skill to learn
how to operate both types...
For first time drivers, the control
of the direction wheel is very crucial,
slow speed is very vital to save lives
and turn around critical situations at times,
Thus drive slowly and act with care,
Driving is a privilege,
Stop fully at stop sign,
Yield to pedestrians,
It's benign to have oneself pass the written exam
and the road test, enjoy the fun driving.
Mazda, Honda, Toyota, Ford, and Jeep are awesome!

Vinus, Jipetor, and Yue Ya forming a happy face in the sky

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  1. Beautiful line,
    Driving is a privilege,

    I like the poem.

  2. Thanks for commenting on my post for Thursday Poets Rally. Your poem is also wonderful, indeed decorative and informational. Happy driving!

    ~Sayantini Bhattacharya
    another part of me

  3. even topics like this could make a good write. best wishes and here's my rally..

  4. your poem is a fun driving experience here.

    stay on the safe side of the road.