Friday, October 12, 2012

Mo Yan, Paul Ryan, and Jo Biden, Winning and Losing Is Just A Game in Fame, No Shame, Just Swim On!

Jo Biden and Paul Ryan, vice president debate, Kentucky, October 11, 2012, 

Mo Yan, noble prize winner of 2012

 Thursday Short Story Slam Week 29: Dramas and Freedom

October 11th, 2012,
Vice presidential debate,
From 8pm to 9:30pm, American central,
Centric College, Danville, Kentucky,
Paul Ryan and Jo Biden, both are intelligent
and important!
Ryan is new, firm, and quick,
Biden is experienced and loud,
Breath taking performance of the week,
both men are qualified, making all proud.
Noble prizes are given
to outstanding writers, scientists,
or fall like Heaven,
Only one winner,
The one who wins is lucky,
Happy to know Mo Yan win
Noble Prize in Literature of 2012,
(Nou' Bei 'Er 'Wen' Xue 'Jiang),
A farmer boy rises like a star,
Mo Yan in Chinese means
No Words can express it,
in short, Mo Yan is Wu Yan!
Just Kidding!
This is the humor from this past
Thursday! Piece of life,
Good Luck and Enjoy your fate!

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