Friday, October 26, 2012


which ship is faster?
Schooner or luxury yacht?
A mater of choice.
Xylophone in hand,
one two three, sound slides, in mind,
and in heart, cheerful.
A yan is a hole
that's an eye to see and know,
if it's made on doors.
Off line or online,
It's good to read, write, and share,
Creativity rocks.

I am grateful that Hyde Park poetry give me this award, thanks....

For Week 76, I nominate   Alissa Daimakepeace Schapiro...
Happy Monday!


  1. I like it! Life does have choices, but not everyone makes the same choices. I think a schooner is faster, but I would prefer the luxury yacht. LOL!! I want to be spoiled rotten.
    I'm amazed by everyone's creativity as they post some of their pieces. Not everyone posts the same type of writing; everyone is so different and yet I am in awe and how talented and creative each person has been with what they've chosen to write about.
    Job well done; keep on writing. Have a blessed day.