Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Horse Rider's Quandary

There will be no room here or there,
for her whose curiosity, like a hare,
Wanders over the plots of love affair,
and crashes and bleeds in despair,
The sea she sails upon is too big
for her to cross, too deep to dig
or ford, the troublesome nights betray,
There is no shelter where she may stay.
The reindeer heart under her chest
finds no way to drum her pain out of her brain,
who always loathes the pest
that creates tyrannous conditions under the rain,
She is determined to stand up, flee,
But attachments such as her kids remind her of morality,
As a result, she ends up like a muted bell,
obtaining some peace inside her self-open shell.

Image Credit:, msn