Wednesday, May 23, 2012

News Media Headlines: A Combo of New Information or Data

This week, JP @ Olive Garden asks for poetry on news media headlines, well, it is hard to do it with every news media sources for independent  poetry, sorry that I feel somewhat lazy these days, so I collected headlines, placed them together, call it "A Combo of New Information or Data" gives us very varying and super interesting facts when you read them together...have fun!

-NYT: Dam limits loosened to feed Grand Canyon

-Washington Post: Vallejo, Calif, once bankrupt, is now a role model for cities in an age of austerity…

-The Sydney Morning Herald News: Enough Is Enough, on Thomson Game 6: Celtics at 76ers,

-Bangor Daily News from Maine: Oceanside softball’s Rachel Frye no-Hits Medomak Valley,
9-0, Billionaire LauFaces charges in Macau, What Facebook Will Get Out of Gife-Giving App Karma,

-Italy News: Quake hits Northern Italy’s Parmesan cheese industry

-NBC 5 Dallas Forth Worth: Human West Bile Virus case confirmed,

-Maryland News: “Unruly” school kids cause disturbance in downtown 7-Eleven,

-Los Angeles News: Secret Service Director says Colombia prostitution scandal was isolated incident…

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  1. these news headlines give us a view of what's going on right now next door or in another country.

    bless those who are encountering earthquake in Italy.