Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chinese YueJu Opera and Huangmei Opera: The Forever Comfort and Outstanding Pick From World Famous Books and Themes...

The world famous digital YueJu Opera
entertains Jingle a lot, she adores
the new edition of love drama between
Baoyu Jia and Daiyu Lin,
She must give prince Jia a high five for his
courage to remain faithful to Lin, despite
the fact that he was forced to marry Baocai Xie,
who has better background.

 I have this version at home, a video

they are reading West Chamber Legend (Xixiang Ji)

poetess, superb talent, Daiyu Lin, 

The new drama Hong Rum

Daiyu in 1987


TV version

Image Credit: Google.com...Chinese YueJu Opera, Love Drama...