Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Chinese YueJu Opera and Huangmei Opera: The Forever Comfort and Outstanding Pick From World Famous Books and Themes...

The world famous digital YueJu Opera
entertains Jingle a lot, she adores
the new edition of love drama between
Baoyu Jia and Daiyu Lin,
She must give prince Jia a high five for his
courage to remain faithful to Lin, despite
the fact that he was forced to marry Baocai Xie,
who has better background.

 I have this version at home, a video

they are reading West Chamber Legend (Xixiang Ji)

poetess, superb talent, Daiyu Lin, 

The new drama Hong Rum

Daiyu in 1987


TV version

Image Credit: Google.com...Chinese YueJu Opera, Love Drama...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

News Media Headlines: A Combo of New Information or Data

This week, JP @ Olive Garden asks for poetry on news media headlines, well, it is hard to do it with every news media sources for independent  poetry, sorry that I feel somewhat lazy these days, so I collected headlines, placed them together, call it "A Combo of New Information or Data"...it gives us very varying and super interesting facts when you read them together...have fun!

-NYT: Dam limits loosened to feed Grand Canyon

-Washington Post: Vallejo, Calif, once bankrupt, is now a role model for cities in an age of austerity…

-The Sydney Morning Herald News: Enough Is Enough, on Thomson

-Bocton.com: Game 6: Celtics at 76ers,

-Bangor Daily News from Maine: Oceanside softball’s Rachel Frye no-Hits Medomak Valley,

-WSJ.com: Billionaire LauFaces charges in Macau,

-Businessweek.com: What Facebook Will Get Out of Gife-Giving App Karma,

-Italy News: Quake hits Northern Italy’s Parmesan cheese industry

-NBC 5 Dallas Forth Worth: Human West Bile Virus case confirmed,

-Maryland News: “Unruly” school kids cause disturbance in downtown 7-Eleven,

-Los Angeles News: Secret Service Director says Colombia prostitution scandal was isolated incident…

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Haiku on "Hour"

The hour has passed,
No more whining of fairness,
open your door for air.
Hour after hour flies,
Insightful thoughts burst like flood,
Time to a fresh start.
The hour is morning,
I've been awake for three hours now,
I enjoy writing.