Friday, April 20, 2012

Romania = Rome in Italy+Tom Wu+Rosa+Morton Schapiro+Matt Schapiro+Ann+Mary Nesbitt

Romania rests in the Southeastern of Europe,
Girdling the Black Sea between
Ukraine and Bulgaria.
Romania is home to the striking
Carpathian mountain ranges
that pass through its heart.
With its sun-kissed beaches,
emerald forests, surrealistic history
and medieval monuments,
Romania remains a very popular
tourist destination of Europe today.
Welcome To Romania and Romances ;)!

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Monday, April 9, 2012

Rosa Parks: The Powerful Black Current That Balances Equality Between White and Black Citizens of America

In spring, 2003, Jingle learned about
Rosa Parks' stories via her education class,
Rose Parks refused to give up her seat to
a white male while riding on a bus
at Montgomery, Alabama, and was sent to
jail for violating the law, which is unfair
between white and black citizens of the U. S. A..

Image Credit: on Rosa Parks, fighter for human equality...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Donghua Li (Yanjing Beer): The Dreamy Chickadee To Be Around

Donghua Li (First Sister) is one of Jingle's roommates
at Beijing Wuzi University, her father worked as
the Head of Beijing Yanjing Beer Cooperation,
Jingle is close to Li, they discussed homework
solutions and did nature walks together,
Li's parents invited Jingle and other roommates
over, treated them fancy dinners
before their graduation in 1990.

Image Credit:, on Yanjing Beer, Donghua Li the first sister from Beijing, China