Friday, March 23, 2012

Sheng and Tom: Inseparable From Beijing to Chicago

Tom Bowling

Before and After Sheng was born,
Officials at Jingle's working company
offered her a one bedroom home,
plus separated kitchen,
free gas cooking stove, and etc.
Besides the lady with Jingle on top,
Head and engineers Mingzhou Wang,
Dongkui Zhang provided Jingle
free car (owned by the company) rides
to get her visa or passport.

Houlian Peng, Shawn Peng, and Simei Yan at Jingle's working place, Beijing

Ann Ma

Sheng and Suzy, Beijing home,

Jiahong and Sheng, Chicago, IL, 1993

Image Credit:, Beijing, Chicago, and Around the world...


  1. great.

    Glad to post this one, people from Beijing to America are all kind and helpful.

  2. amazing, sometimes, small acts from the administration helps a lot.