Saturday, March 24, 2012

For Tom (Flag Football) and Sheng (Baseball)

Tom, Flag Football Player

Sheng enjoyed playing baseball for three years,
Tom enjoyed playing flag football before
baseball season, Flag Football is a football game
when tags are flags attached to players,
kids were encouraged to run as fast as he can
for a touch down without being tagged,
Sheng and Tom enjoyed Chrismas lights
at Oklahoma Nature Garden

Sheng, Baseball Player...

 Thanks to Tom's Coaches, who happen to be OSU students that volunteer to teach kids flag football skills, their kindness is gold...


Sheng enjoyed Christmas lights at OKC garden

Tom and Sheng, at the gate of the OKC natural garden

Beautiful Christmas Lights around trees...2010, Oklahoma

Assembly at Westwood Elementary School, Sheng is wearing a watch, there..

Sheng (in blue shirt) and Friends at Westwood Elementary School

Image Credit:, Scanner...


  1. love this, smiles.

    kids are encouraged and talented when they are expose to all kinds of sports and activities.


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