Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dr. Kathryn Castle: An Authentic Educator Who Excel at Early Childhood Curriculum

Glad to see Dr. Kathryn Castle featured
at The Daily O'Collegian at OSU college paper,
She is a professor at The School of
Teaching and Curriculum Leadership,
College of Education, Jingle has taken
one of Dr. Castle's classes, Dr. Castle
has taken good care of Jingle
by her detailed guidance, patient explanations,
and creative materials...

 Dr. Kathryn Castle, wife to Dr. Doug Aichele at math department of OSU...

College of Education

Teaching, learning, and leadership
 Willard Hall at College of Education

OSU Splash

Image Credit: OSU student newspaper,


  1. Ji appreciated Dr. Castle and her kind spirits in teaching her early childhood curriculum...

    way to go.