Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dr. James Cogdell: Keep Speaking Mathematics To Entertain Your Colleagues

Dr. James Cogdell was one of the first
mathematicians at math department
introduced to Jingle Yanqui by Jiahong Wu
and admired by both of them at personal level..
It was a thrill to see Dr. Cogdell featured
at OSU paper, he moved after his attempt
to become department head but lost to
professor Alan Adolphson.


Image Credit:, OSU college paper, Math Department at Oklahoma State University,
Professor Dr. Robert Myers, Dr. David Wright, Dr. Jiahong Wu, Dr. Amit Ghosh, Dr. Brian Conrey, Dr. Zhenbo Qin, Dr. William Jaco, Dr. James Cogdell, and Dr. Alan Adolphson,...



  1. These professors are tough and funny at the same time.

    Great history made.

  2. amazing mathematicians to know.

    at times, there is ups and downs, but who knows what's next.

    keep it up.