Saturday, March 24, 2012

David and Shida Henneberry: Please Keep Studying Aboard Program Rolling at OSU!

Stillwater News Press reported that OSU
Freshman enjoyed studying aboard by living
at Chengdu Southwest JiaoTong University
residents' home, Oklahoma State University
paper The Daily O'Collegian stated that
Mr. David Henneberry and Ms. Shida Henneberry
have profound experiences in promoting
studying exchange programs globally,
Ms. Shida Henneberry visited China a few times,
with her students!

Chengdu Southwest JiaoTong University


Oklahoma State University

 Dawson Metcalf, David Henneberry

Shida Henneberry from Iran


OSU students at The Great Wall of China

Mr. and Ms. Henneberry own properties at Stillwater, Oklahoma, Call them today...

Image Credit:, Stillwater News Press...


  1. comprehensive presentation.

    Studying aboard programs, or exchanging programs foster communications between two counties...

    great move.

  2. Henneberry family is capable.

    a go for OSU and China.