Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Montana = Monkey Man + Terri + Helena +Hannah Montana

Hannah is the most
talented singer from Montana.
love Grinnell Lake.
Montana has the largest migratory elk herd.
The state boasts the largest breeding
population of trumpeter swans,
At the Rocky Mountain Front Eagle
Migration Area west of Great Falls
more golden eagles are seen
in a single day than anywhere else
in the country.

Image Credit:, on state of Montana, Hannah...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sasha and Malia Obama: Promising Girls with Profound Parents at White House!

Mr. Obama, Mr. Bill Clinton, AND Mr. Daley, Mr. Band

Being part of the first family,
Sasha and Malia are at everyone's attention
with parents being active,
in many levels, by doing nature walks,
making international trips to Africa,
or in state journeys to Ohio, Basketball games,
Soccer games...Have fun at Golf court today,
Mr. Obama and Mr. Clinton, Mr. Daley and Mr. Band!

Image Credit:, The New York Times, on The Obama Family, Mr. Bill Clinton...White House, Africa, Ohio, Soccer games, golf games, basketball games...

Dr. James Cogdell: Keep Speaking Mathematics To Entertain Your Colleagues

Dr. James Cogdell was one of the first
mathematicians at math department
introduced to Jingle Yanqui by Jiahong Wu
and admired by both of them at personal level..
It was a thrill to see Dr. Cogdell featured
at OSU paper, he moved after his attempt
to become department head but lost to
professor Alan Adolphson.


Image Credit:, OSU college paper, Math Department at Oklahoma State University,
Professor Dr. Robert Myers, Dr. David Wright, Dr. Jiahong Wu, Dr. Amit Ghosh, Dr. Brian Conrey, Dr. Zhenbo Qin, Dr. William Jaco, Dr. James Cogdell, and Dr. Alan Adolphson,...


Dr. Kathryn Castle: An Authentic Educator Who Excel at Early Childhood Curriculum

Glad to see Dr. Kathryn Castle featured
at The Daily O'Collegian at OSU college paper,
She is a professor at The School of
Teaching and Curriculum Leadership,
College of Education, Jingle has taken
one of Dr. Castle's classes, Dr. Castle
has taken good care of Jingle
by her detailed guidance, patient explanations,
and creative materials...

 Dr. Kathryn Castle, wife to Dr. Doug Aichele at math department of OSU...

College of Education

Teaching, learning, and leadership
 Willard Hall at College of Education

OSU Splash

Image Credit: OSU student newspaper,

David and Shida Henneberry: Please Keep Studying Aboard Program Rolling at OSU!

Stillwater News Press reported that OSU
Freshman enjoyed studying aboard by living
at Chengdu Southwest JiaoTong University
residents' home, Oklahoma State University
paper The Daily O'Collegian stated that
Mr. David Henneberry and Ms. Shida Henneberry
have profound experiences in promoting
studying exchange programs globally,
Ms. Shida Henneberry visited China a few times,
with her students!

Chengdu Southwest JiaoTong University


Oklahoma State University

 Dawson Metcalf, David Henneberry

Shida Henneberry from Iran


OSU students at The Great Wall of China

Mr. and Ms. Henneberry own properties at Stillwater, Oklahoma, Call them today...

Image Credit:, Stillwater News Press...

For Tom (Flag Football) and Sheng (Baseball)

Tom, Flag Football Player

Sheng enjoyed playing baseball for three years,
Tom enjoyed playing flag football before
baseball season, Flag Football is a football game
when tags are flags attached to players,
kids were encouraged to run as fast as he can
for a touch down without being tagged,
Sheng and Tom enjoyed Chrismas lights
at Oklahoma Nature Garden

Sheng, Baseball Player...

 Thanks to Tom's Coaches, who happen to be OSU students that volunteer to teach kids flag football skills, their kindness is gold...


Sheng enjoyed Christmas lights at OKC garden

Tom and Sheng, at the gate of the OKC natural garden

Beautiful Christmas Lights around trees...2010, Oklahoma

Assembly at Westwood Elementary School, Sheng is wearing a watch, there..

Sheng (in blue shirt) and Friends at Westwood Elementary School

Image Credit:, Scanner...