Monday, February 5, 2018

poetry and story inn fridays week 12

Image result for okinawa city to tokyo  okinawa, tokyo nearby city

Image result for john hopkins university   John Hapkins University

Image result for pennsylvania state university 

Pennsylvania state university
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chapman university

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short story slam week 82

google them up,
xu yan, bao chen,
zhao xue, vicky zhang,
encourage them all
Drew Faust, Courtney George,
Martha Minow, Emily Krajicek,

a story is more interesting
when two parties disagree to agree
but often have strong intention to contrast
Michelle Manser and Chad Laskas,
they certainly find relaxing space to grind
their mills, in case they love Bud Light beer

Evelyn Gibson, James Kingfisher,
Rawling Elam, Romeial Taylor,
Eric McCrcheon, Andres Hartman,
John Parker, Pam Nelson,
Tom H. Tan, Jalen Fulwiley,
Chuck Hayes, Lynette Haynes,

Johnny Ard, Okinawa,
Maria De La Torre,
Carol Sanders, Reed Tuckson,
James Cowan, Sherry chapman

people sit
read rocking their plates
doing juggling
with or without crying

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

poetry picnic week 46, thursday poets rally week 85, jingle poetry @ washington state potluck week 50


merry days fly by
not sure you have the try
Aspen coffee
Red rock bakery
Walmart and joAnn
they sell French wools

where Y'at
PJ's coffee
Texas road house
Olive garden

words omit smoke
words inhale spell
an omen is tough
illinois, texas, california, new mexico, washington, colorado, kansas, arkansas, louisiana, georgia,
all states sing high notes
with Hawaii and Idaho hearing it