Sunday, February 12, 2017

short story slam week 62, about rooted talents and extended creative juice

short story slam week 62, about rooted talents
and extended creative juice

when Feng Dechuan and Yang Lan agree with Erin
they rain frogs and cats to poetry parking lot

if some Asian friends are curious
in case some opt to research Poetry Rally
friends of Beijing could be flattered

not much to argue,
we tell people to back up Yang Lan Fang Tan Lu
which is a tv media interviewing profound figures

so platforms rise
Operas, Jiu zhou xi yuan, kong zhong da wu dai,
they all invent fresh voices

when we hear positive thoughts
it is a GO sign from East Pacific ocean
the wheel on Poetry Bus could push in better roads

we highly praise Yang Lan and his friends,
including Feng Dequan, Patricia Jordan, Pam Brown, John Steinbrink,
we enjoy Sheng Wu, Frank Shen, Emily Wu

take a look at Gu Juji, Gu Jianfeng, Guo Jingjing,
we value the benefits from Hong Kong, Macau, Guangdong, Shanghai,
Guo xiaochuan inspires Lawrence Fok, James Birkenstock

the way we think decides the way we type
our words carry embrace of Melania Trump, Barron Trump, and Eric Trump
Thanks to Barack, Michelle, Malia, Sasha, Kanala, Bush

Bruno Wu and Yang Lan
Xiaosong and Xianger, Mei E and Qingming
all shall remain uplifted

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Image result for yang lan one on one  

Image result for yang lan one on one  

Image result for yang lan one on one  

Image result for yang lan one on one  Bill Henry William Gates

Image result for Thursday Poets Rally  

Image result for Thursday Poets Rally  an award for Yang Lan or Balane Blair

Image result for Thursday Poets Rally award for all poets who enjoy writng poetry
Image result for Thursday Poets Rally  award for CCTV staff and Vietnam friends, including friends
who read this

Image result for Thursday Poets Rally by jingle 

Image result for silicon valley 
Image result for silicon valley mark zuckerberg  facebook ceo Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan, their baby
girl Masxima Zuckerberg

 Image result for sheng wu and amelia wilson

Saturday, December 31, 2016

short story slam week 59, no non-sense talking when it comes to Tao Zhu and Chris Raun

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Bluebell Books Twitter Club!

 short story slam week 59, no non-sense talking when
 it comes to Tao Zhu and Chris Raun

a business runs itself
lots of programming behind

Johann Adam Birkenstock, Hazel Bucy, wow,
Ignancy Kotlarski, Edwin Catmull, Jeanne Agnew, and John Jobe pin their heads on the Great Walls

falling stars
blue sky decorated with Snowflakes

Alvy Ray Smith, Caryl Jobe, Schiller Scroggs, and Jim Morris rake the brown leaves
a strong wind  scatters all over Kun Lun mountain

some mathmaticians remain silent,
not all scream for broadcasting

Joseph Galvin, Paul Galvin, Anastasia Pittman, and Dave Futer write to NSf, Engler Hans, Cora Mariet, France Cordova, and Peter Constantin choose Jerry Bona, Tom Hou, and Birne Binegar

we pay attention to John Paul Cook, Jiri Lebl, Michael Ochrtman, Will Worden,

way to go,
Henry Segerman, Jonathan Spreer, Yuan Kong, Zhang Mingming, Xie Bin, Xiao Bei,

drifting away, we fasten our seltbelt under Steadman Upham, Vicker Hendrickson,
Jennifer Jou, Sheng Yu, Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed Karim, Evan Williams,

Youtube and Fitbit,
both technology embrace Bill Gates, Rory Gates, Phoeny Gates, Noah Glass, Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone

next time, we reside Jiaozuo hotel, Soluxe hotel, Dennis Healthy Green Environmental
Huayang hotel, faming Han Yueqiao, Dou Jinfang, Ye shaolan, Su Shouyang, Hu Wenge

 people stare,
Anne Wojcicki, Lucinda Southworth, Beryl Schmidt, Sheryl Kara Sandbery, Marissa Mayer smile

Thursday, December 1, 2016

short story slam week 58, flowers, and sweet memories

short story slam week 58, December 1--december 18, 2016

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Devian art
blue flowers shy away from Winter

Spring weather
Girls wear pink jackets

a rain cleanses the air
we see bees, mosquitoes nowhere

butterfly fields
dragonfly hides their face

peace, grace, lovely moments
we cherish this moments to joy

maybe your time is tough
but meditation and poetic lyrics could be true

Thursday, November 10, 2016

short story slam week 57, 56

Whirligig 85 

THIS WEEK'S WORDS come from "A Village Cat" by Anne Porter: living, under, decorated, daubs, smudges, streaks, clown, carnival, gaze, wonder, back, eyes

an ocean fish, a sea horse, and a land mill, or an arkansas stone,
they all represent some animals, living news, underground supporters,
when John Mabee and Lottie Jane Mabee touch Bayles tower,
they know they get into business, backing up someone named Tucker,
Evans, Lam, Seligman, Raymont, Gray, Orchard, Boone, James...

wondrous  thoughts climb up, a door nob is hard to disagree
when Stephan Brown and Kathleen Johnson decide to visit,
without smudges of agreement and with decorated daubs,
if Chelsea and Jennifer disagree, they shall not talk, but sail
their boats in different seas, and I do remember streaks and clown
juggles during Princeton lord Sarah Constantin, Reece Foster,
and Sydney Foster, I do watch carnival gaze and wondering about
puzzled eyes from Jennifer Wisdom, Julia Martin, James Wrighton,
Gay Washington, Dianne Hays, Theresa Burke, Patricia Young,
I do believe that Jeff Bezos, Qin Yan, Mackenzie Bezos, and 
Christopher Clark do care, so do Linda Jaco, Ann Hargis, Burns
Hargis, and Kimberly Henry, and Christina Fallin

so many people wish to win, but only Donald Trump surfaces,
believe in your trust to God, agree with Asa Hutchnson,
Jay Nixon, Ivaka Trump, Ryan Kim, Beth Peterson, Chris Coleman,
Melania  Knauss-Trump, Baron Trump, Marla Maples, Tiffany Trump,
and Eric Trump, plus Donald Trump Jr...

I often not sure, but these folks seem great there.
eyes go wet, news could be sad

R is for Revolutionary movement,  Reed, Rose, Ram
 Image result for reed  Reed Smith
Image result for reed   Reed  (Luwei )

Related image  Rose Tyler, (Billie Pipper)

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on a quiet day... 

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short story slam week 56, November 3, 2016 to November 20, 2016...passport, visa, and driver's license...

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  Image result for republicans
Image result for republicans
Image result for republicans
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Image result for saint paul mayor